CL-Trane is a loose collection of utilities that together form a Web application development framework. Project's aim is to provide a comprehensive, yet simple and magic-free Common Lisp framework for easy creation of RESTful Web applications.

CL-Trane is built upon Hunchentoot Web server, and Postmodern interface to PostgreSQL database. Py-configparser is used for configuration.

Direct dependencies include also Puri, and Iterate, used internally for looping. Trane-BB module uses also Meta-sexp, and Trane-Taxonomy uses cl-store. Indirect dependencies are not mentioned; full dependency graph is included in doc/ subdirectory. Because of number of dependencies, it is recommended to use CL-Librarian for managing required libraries.

Current code can be downloaded from Git repository at, or browsed at Code is available on terms of BSD license without advertising clause, see file COPYING for details.

Code is currently at early development stage; docs are incomplete, there is no fully operating infrastructure yet. However, it may be useful as it is now, and feel free to contact author by e-mail, at, or to subscribe to development mailing list.

Currently available modules are:

common, general functionality, used within project
BBCode parser
Wordpress-like taxonomy
User registration, activation, login cookies

Pattern matching-based URL routing module named trane-routes is on the way.


-- Maciej Pasternacki /

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